About Gaius


Biblically, Gaius was a fellow traveler, a host, a servant, and a helper to Saints.  It has become my Quest, to assist ministries around the World.  From offering physical assistance on a construction project, to soul winning, to designing individual tracts, stationary, websites, to organizing missions trips (not Mission Tourist Trips, Mission Work Trips), and in raising money for projects our Dear Missionaries are led to do.  My Pastor is an Independent, Fundamental, Fire Breathing, Hell’s Hot Heaven’s Not, Corn Shuckin’, Field Plowing, Skin Pealing, Fur in the Cracks, Blood on the Floor, Double Barreled, King James 1611 Sword Wielding, Barn Storming PREACHER!  He is EXTREMELY Mission Hearted, Proclaiming that when we get interested in what interests GOD, GOD will get interested in Us! ….I couldn’t agree more!!
And WHAT, you ask interests GOD?….?…  That ALL have the opportunity to be Saved through our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.   Plainly Put MISSIONS!, SOUL WINNING!, TRACT MINISTRIES!, Etc., Etc., Etc.


A Godly Gaius

Gaius of the New Testament was a Minister, a Layman, a Fellow Worker and Traveler with the Saints. He supported, promoted, cared for, and boarded Preachers and Missionaries both Physically and Financially.

There is little written that would indicate Gaius to have been a Preacher, there are several writings of appreciation and high esteem for this man that stood in the shadows, uplifting and supporting the men that would Spread the Gospel.

Are you a Gaius?  Consider dedicating yourself to being a Godly Gaius today!


Our Charter

Gaius was founded and organized to be a worthy and willing vessel to be used of God,
to Magnify and direct the Glory and Honor to God our Father,

  • the One God,
  • the God of Creation,
  • who by word spoke all into existence,
  • and whom is also known as the Lord,
  • God and Father of Adam, Enoch, Noah, Moses, Elijah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Israel,
  • the Alpha and Omega,
  • from whom all blessings flow,
  • to whom the mountains and trees bend before and give praise, and glory, and honor,
  • whom SOO Loved the World that He Gave His Only begotten Son,
  • that through His Son, Jesus,
  • the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us,
  • who lived as we,
  • healed the sick,
  • and ministered to our lowly needs,
  • and whom was nailed to an old rugged cross,
  • not to be killed by man,
  • but to willing give up His life,
  • shedding His Blood,
  • becoming the Door, the Way, the Truth and the Light,
  • by whom anyone that will call, with Faith, believing, on His name and turning from sin, shall enter in,
  • be born again a new man,
  • washed in the Blood,
  • and Saved for Eternity,
  • identifying as part of family by Baptism
  • through emersion,
  • to one day attend the Great meeting in the sky,
  • give an account for our lives,
  • consummate ourselves as the Bride of Christ,
  • and live eternally,
  • bringing Glory and Honor and Praise
  • to God the Father,
  • and to Jesus Christ the Son,
  • the precious and worthy Lamb
  • and do give thanks for the Preserved Word of God,
  • and identify the Best English Translation,
  • the last Inspired Translation,
  • the King James 1611.

-Scott H Leonard