Historically, Baptists find their origins in the Free (Anabaptist) Churches. These churches existed from the time of the apostles. Even though the name BAPTIST was not used until the 1600’s, the Baptist Distinctives were practiced by small, persecuted groups during the Dark Ages and the Reformation. Biblical faith and practice forced these to separate from two powerful traditional groups. The Roman Catholic Church – This group eventually rejected all of the Baptist Distinctives. When their persecution ended, they became the persecutors. The Protestant Churches – During the Protestant Reformation, these formerly Catholic churches tried to return to a more Biblical pattern. They still rejected most of the Baptist Distinctives. To a lesser degree, they also persecuted the Anabaptists. Thus, Bible-centered Baptist Churches are not Protestant churches. They existed long before the Reformation.

The history of the Christian Religion and the segment known as Baptist will lead you into a fascinating journey of education.  Very quickly, you will recognize the history was there all along but hidden by many.

Enjoy the journey of enlightenment.