How REAL is Jesus?

I learned many years ago that professors and theologians from about 1850 till now have seriously warped our interpretation of the Bible, and our understanding of other religions and world concerns.

We have had some tremendous Men of God in recent years, no doubt, but take the time to do your own research and I encourage you to pull books, sermons, etc. from writings previous to 1850.  You’ll find pure thought, straight forward understanding of the scriptures, all of a sudden it hits you… the Bible is as simple as black and white.

You believe it, but do you really know it?!

You may have made a trip to Israel or to a Mission Field.  You believe the reality of the Bible, but I say do you KNOW?

For many years I believed every jot and tiddle of the Bible.  I believed beyond a shadow of a doubt who Jesus was and what He came to do.  I believed every story of the Bible… 1000%.  I considered myself unshakable.

I may write an article describing the day the light switch was really thrown on!  It’s alot to write in a single article, so I’ll just get right to the point.

Through much study and research, study of antique Bibles, Sermon books, etc, study of American History and Jewish History, well, I’m a mathematic thinker, systematic, proof of this gives proof for that, etc.  I no longer just Believe 1000% about Jesus and the Biblical stories…


It’s very difficult to put into words…

“I’m Glad, I know who Jesus Is…”  That song is sung by so many people that believe, and because they’ve accepted him, they’ll use the term ‘know him’, but I’m telling you I KNOW!!!  IT’s TRUE!

“I know that I know that I know”  again, they believe, and because they trust that Jesus has entered they’re heart they’re telling themselves, convincing themselves and other that they know!

I say I KNOW who Jesus is!  It’s a wonderful feeling.

  • I KNOW that He actually occupied space here on earth, breathed our air, drank our water, fellowshipped with us and ministered to us!
  • I KNOW he left His foot print in the mud and others stepped on it.
  • He drank from cups and passed it on to others!
  • He wore clothes that people touched!
  • He washed feet!
  • He REALLY Walked on EARTH!!!!

I’m talking more real than believing, I KNOW! Do YOU?!

In a day and age that the American Government would strip all forms of God, Jesus, Bible, etc. from public view and from government… I found it astounding that the Israeli Government would publicly state the history of the country, including JESUS and his Ministry, on they’re governmental sites.  In fact, it was at the Israel Office of Foreign Affairs that I found it!

Yes we accurately depict that Columbus came to America, and that Washington was a President, and based on what you’re told, you believe history.  If Jesus were part of the founding of America our government would get rid of the facts!  And they have!!

Funny, a country that, at best, regards Jesus as a Teacher or Prophet, but are still looking for the Messiah, this country would factually stand behind the existence and ministry of Jesus!

One day it’ll hit you!  When it does, read your Bible through again!  The Old Testament mentions angels and activities we ‘Believe’ but are hard to imagine.  Take the story of Lot and his wife, or better yet, take the story in the New Testament…

In a certain season of the year an Angel came down and troubled the waters and the first person to enter the pool was healed.  I’m typing from memory… Can YOU imagine the pond in your back yard, having an Angel come down once a year and stir it, trouble it?  And by the touch of the Angel the water gains healing properties!!???

Can you even visualize it?

You ‘Believe’ because you ‘Believe’ the Bible but I’ve got you!  You really can not imagine it.  You’ve never seen anything like that and it seems a bit superstitious, or like a myth.  Take it away from the Bible and you might admit that it is hard to believe every year in a season an Angel dropped down to this pool, or your pond, and shook it up, and the first person in it was healed!

Well, when you reach the point I speak of, I KNOW that Jesus walked in the sand, and in the Mud, He spoke to people with dust in the air.  He is more REAL than you can imagine.

My brother, physically, my sibling… his name is Dean.  If he wrote me a letter and said that his new truck was red, I’d not only believe him, but there would be no question.  I know my brother’s truck is red.  I have no problem telling others.

I am told that my grandfather was a pioneer in the telephone industry.

I believe although I never met him.

One day I was sent a certificate, signed by the President of, Southern Bell.  Recognizing him as a pioneer in the telephone industry.

WOW!  A light turns on!  I believed that he was, I was told that he was, did not doubt that he was…


Friends,… I wish it could be portrayed and you’d get it.

Imagine if you’d been told all you life, like I, that your great great great great grandfather rode with Teddy Roosevelt and the Ruff riders.  You’d believe.  You’d tell all your friends at school.  You might even copy a picture from an encyclopedia about one of the battles and bring it to show and tell.

One day, at a memorial, you read a note from Teddy and near the end, he mentions his good friend that stayed with him through thick and thin… your great great great great grandfather!  Later you acquire an antique book written by and signed by Teddy which devotes a chapter to his friend!  I KNOW!  Much more than Believe!  KNOW!

The Bible says to Believe, having Faith.  One day, I pray that God will show you, in such an indisputable way as he did me.

I KNOW! in an undeniable way that Jesus walked by a pool one day, saw the angel everyone hears about come down, stir and trouble the water, and the waters take on a healing nature, Jesus notice a man in need did not get in the water an asked him why.  The man replied “I have no man”.  Jesus healed him and told him to pick up his bead and go.

While many people study out the healing of this man, I find indisputable proof that angels, as hard as it is for you to imagine, actually came down and troubled the water.  Jesus witnessed it!  Since I KNOW that Jesus is REAL and that he really walked and ministered here, it’s documented at the Israel Office of Foreign Affairs, I KNOW that this recording of an angel troubling the water is REAL.  I KNOW!

My friend, I’m not sure why I’ve taken so much time to write this page.

Maybe it is for you.  There is no doubt for me, I believe, but moreover, I KNOW!

Everything written in the Bible is True.

Study and Enjoy,


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