The Apocrypha

The following discussion covers the controversial topic of the Apocrypha.
Can you handle it?…

Everything written in the Bible is True.

Remember the Zeal Jesus had when he found the money changers in the Church. He drove them out with a whip!

How much more important would it have been for Jesus to make the point with the Scriptures!

We hold the Scriptures as Precious, Holy, Inspired.

We depend on every word.

The Church is a location sanctified for worship, but we depend on the Scriptures.

If Jesus were handed a scroll with an textual or interpretive error, would he not have cast it to the ground, Stomped on it, Shredded it, in a Zealous Scene, demanding the Pure Scriptures be put in his hand!

Would this not have been a necessary event to have occurred to teach the people, the disciples, and get recorded in the Scriptures for us to learn the lesson!

I dare say that the temple was defiled and his reaction was a Holy reaction as well as a necessary lesson for us!

As I see it, the Scriptures are just as important and Holy, maybe More important today than the Church building! I say this carefully as I am not implying that the Church building is not Holy.

The importance of the purity of the Scriptures for today… How necessary it would have been should a tarnished, erred, fowled scroll been placed in His hand, or even if one were within 1000 miles!

History and documents have almost 100% shown that the LXX was the scroll he read from and quoted from.

Funny thing is it contained chapters and books within the scroll that today’s theologians claim are fowled. Some say pagan!

Maybe the scroll was so big he did not get to those sections. Actually the LXX was a series of scrolls. The Bible was not just one roll, therefore one can not assume that he held the Apocrypha, specifically.

Maybe he was only handed a portion LXX, the portion that covered the law, and these other segments were in separate scrolls.

There are many authors out there that attack and condemn these writings and will attack me for even bumping this subject.

Study to show yourself approved. ( I dare say, study your Bible, and authentic writings, staying away from modern theologians as much as possible)

And get rid of the rhetoric you received from your teacher. Do your own research.

I neither promote or condemn this portion of writings. Had they existed during His time, as they did, in the towns He was in, as they did, there is no doubt in my mind that a Necessary event would have occurred to teach us a lesson, and the translators of the pagan practice of including these writings.

The Bible might have included verses, in all three gospels, that would read like this…

“And on the Sabbath, Jesus went into the temple at _________ as was the custom. When the prophets stood to read the laws of Moses, Jesus, was troubled inside, knowing that the Holy Scriptures were in err for containing pagan writings. He leaped from his pew, grabbed the scrolls ripping them to shreds while giving a 30 minute discourse on the purity of the Word. The Sanhedrims asked what authority he did such an act, Jesus replied, I AM THE WORD”

Jesus could never accept the Scriptures being in err. He was the Word that had come down and dwelt amongst us.

This would be one of the MOST IMPORTANT events and lessons Jesus had ever taught.

In all my studies, I come to this end… like it or not, Jesus never disputed them, and OH!!!! how important it would have been to do so, IF they were in err!

If the fowled versions were in another land, hundreds of miles away, there would be the necessity for an event to make known this err and cause Christians to come to be aware and consider them hidden and pagan.

I’ve headed into another topic but seem compelled to write on…

THE KING JAMES VERSION, 1611 IS the best, most accurate translated copy of the Holy Scriptures!!!!

Yes, the manual printing presses through the years have been the cause of typographical corrections.

But here are a few FACTS!!! Like it or not, and no matter what your Professors have taught you!!!
1 The Translators were INSPIRED to perform the work.
2 The KJV was delivered to press in 1610
3 The stack of papers making up the KJV included 80 books of the Bible, not 66
4 80 is a number for new beginnings, as Revelations is the 80th book
5 66 is pretty close to the number of man referring to the mark of the beast
6 Everyone knows God does things in 3’s
7 Why do we only have two parts to the Bible with 66 books
8 We’d have 3 parts with 80 books
9 The KJV came off the press in 1611
10 It underwent typographic press corrections over the first years
11 In 1880’s the Foreign Bible Society was lobbied to remove the Apocrypha
12 275 years after translation, we dropped the third part going to 66 books from 80
13 275 years after being delivered to the press
14 All Holy and Inspired Translators are now DEAD! It’s been 275 years!
15 In 1885 this third part was officially removed
16 The Reformation was in the 1400’s no need to wait 400 years to make a statement
17 So for 400 years this third section was part of the Bible after the Reformation
18 For 275 years it was part of the KJV
19 1800’s was the age of Modern, thinking man, 1885 was the removal, 1881 was the year of the Revised Version, ?relationship?
20 All books from 1850 till now show a steady increase of the Thinking Man
21 Books going back from 1850 show real, black and white, right and wrong, God fearing, devil hating authors

Since God always does things in 3’s, and 7 is Holy, 3×7 = 21, I’ll stop with these 21 statements.

If you condemn the Apocrypha as uninspired, then you are equally condemning the KJV translators as uninspired heretics.

I am a KJV ONLY Man. If you’re KJV you might want to quit condemning the translators as uninspired heretics for including this section. There was an amazing process by which each books was translated and reviewed. I’m not passing judgment that this 3rd segment was inspired, but if we believe the translators to have been inspired in their work, then we must believe that they were inspired to translate and include this third section.

If we are saying that this 3rd section is pagan and not inspired to be included, then we are saying the translators are not inspired, and if they are not inspired, why do we stand on this KJV translated by a bunch of reprobates?

Oh, contraire, … They were inspired, and some of the most learned and studious men of they’re time!

Quit placing your thinking and believes on today’s theologians and go back to when they were REAL. Or better yet, go back to Jesus, this segment had been translated in the LXX long before Jesus arrived in the flesh!

Yes, I am familiar with the supposed 7 reasons for kicking out of the canon. They were Catholic anyways, but the chiefest of reasons include;

The author does not claim to be inspired
Jesus did not quote them
Apostles did not quote them
Other books do not refer to them
There are many books in the Bible that the author does not claim to be inspired, and that are not quoted by or referred to by other books, Apostles, or Jesus.

Best of all, there are Many, MANY, MANY books the Bible refers to that are not included. Do some research sometime and you’ll find the Book of Jubilees, the Book of Jasher, and Lot’s more! Unfortunately, these books referred to in the Bible often are no longer in existence, or some translation or variation or writing claiming the title, exists with virtually no proof of it’s ancient roots for a careful translation to be done today.


They did, and some do… exist.

I’d welcome comments and suggestions on some of this but most who respond, do so, with little or no real research. They respond with the words and explanations of some other theologian or author.

Extreme efforts were made in these paragraphs to speak simply without the wording of a theologian, or whatever.

Black and white, right and wrong.

Hell is HOT, Heaven is NOT.

The Lost go to Hell, the Saved go to Heaven.

The LXX was around before Jesus was born and he never condemned it for having the extra books.

The KJV Translators wasted their valuable time and energy to translate a portion of the Bible that you’ve discarded.

I promise you that virtually every book written against these writings has been read and many websites as well. No matter how we twist and try to prove, the Bible is Black and White, and Jesus was for right and wrong. He taught many lessons and did not have need of this one.

Was this lesson not important?

Did this lesson not exist because they were not flawed?

Study and Enjoy,